The Most Trending Jobs In Canada In 2021

Top trending jobs of Canada in 2021

Despite the crisis COVID 19 has brought along, the economy is witnessing a surging spike in the country’s job market across various industries. And it is quite surprising to note that the Canadian workforce is ready to welcome entry-level candidates for its extensive open positions. LinkedIn reports that tech sectors will continue to dominate its presence in the coming few years with remote jobs becoming a prominent aspect. With requirements in AI, robotics, and data science prevailing across various sectors, the tech industry is forecasted to make a major boom in the Canadian job market. Business analyst jobs, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, DevOps engineers, Robotics Engineers, Full-Stack engineers, and few others are the top tech jobs in great demand. Apart from the technical skills mentioned here, a few soft skills like good communication, collaborations, and time management skills are also immensely valued by various job profiles. Job prospects are expected to boom in sectors like gaming, banking, and online businesses.

Canada- A haven to job seekers

Canada is and has been the most career friendly nations, with its Express Entry system that provides the permanent residence options to the workforce who have the relevant experience and the skills. The applicants and their families are welcome to live anywhere across the country. Canada’s PNP or Provincial Nominee programs is one such system that enables the nomination of a skilled workforce for permanent residence if their experience is extensively in demand.

The major cities of Canada, such as Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, are the leading cities in the country that are host to a major share of the country’s IT workforce. Kitchener, Ottawa, Calgary and Waterloo are also emerging cities that host and provide millions of jobs to the IT industries. Pandemic induced vacancies and ageing immigrants are expected to welcome more than one million applications in a coming couple of years. Foreign nationals who are aspiring to secure a job in Canada are advised to apply for jobs in the leading tech job portals such as TechFetch jobs portal or keep searching for suitable vacancies in LinkedIn.

Here is a list of top job profiles in high demand in the country.

Trending tech jobs in Canada

Tech jobs and their vacancy fillings are considered costly, owing to the value each position offers for their company. Hence, the applicants are recommended to acquire the specific skills required for the vacant position. Leading job portals like TechFetch jobs use innovative search mechanisms to help both the recruiters and the applicants find suitable employees and candidates respectively for their vacant positions. Maintaining an updated resume and acquiring specific skills are important for the candidates to remain noticeable to the hiring managers. Here are the top five IT job trends prevalent in Canada.

Artificial Intelligence specialist
AI and machine learning have been trending as customer-centric automation for a while and are expected to follow the trend in the coming years. The increasing popularity of AI and machine learning specialists is surprising as these technologies play a vital role in automating various business operations.

Data Scientist or Data Engineers
Pandemic and the subsequent developments have necessitated the shift to digital operations in every industrial sector. Data scientists perform essential data operations such as data privacy, data capture, storage solutions, and several other data-related operations. With a massive shift in working models, Data engineers are now an inevitable aspect of every industry.

Full-stack engineer
One of the most in-demand IT positions, a full stack developer is responsible for both the front end and back end needs of websites and applications. These professionals are largely involved in projects that build websites, deals with databases and even collaborate with the clients during the planning of projects.

Customer success specialists
The job profile of customer success specialists normally includes site reliability engineers, User experience engineers who help build business platforms where the applications are tested and rectified to ensure an error-free application. The candidates for this job profile need to be adept in soft and hard skills that make their applications reliable amongst customers.

Cloud storage administrators or engineers
Check Out – Cloud storage specialists are crucial to application functionalities. There is a high demand for cloud specialists in the job market, especially due to their dependencies on the front end and back end capabilities.

Cybersecurity specialists, Big Data developers, Experience designers, Robotics engineers, product owners and data consultants are also few highly sought-after tech jobs.

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