Canada – The Land Of Natural Wonders
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Canada – The Land Of Natural Wonders

Canada is one of the countries that is being visited by the travelers or tourists all over the world. This country is known for its various scenic beauty spots. You can see breathtaking mountains, lakes, and unique wildlife and many more. Most important tourist spots are well connected from Canada city. The country has created good connectivity to ease the tourists and traveler, while effectively preserving the nature. People visiting Canada should always have a good camera with lots of storage space to capture all the amazing places. In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the natural wonders in Canada.
Northern Lights
You can experience the Northern lights Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest territories. Also called Aurora Borealis, Canada has some good spots, where you can enjoy the magnificent and colorful light show
Niagara Falls
This is one of the essential and greatest attractions in the country. This place is visited by millions of people every year.
Dinosaur Provincial Park
This park is said to be one of the biggest graveyards of dinosaurs. Approximately 40 species of dinosaurs can be seen in this park. It said that this park was the favorite spot for all kinds of prehistoric life. This place is the perfect choice for history or nature lover.
Hopewell Rocks
Situated in New Brunswick, these unusually shaped and beautiful rocks are undoubtedly a great treat for your eyes. When the tide lowers, one can enjoy the view of the ocean’s floor and the rocks that were beautifully shaped due to the water movement.
The Canadian Rockies
Located in Alberta and British Columbia, these Rocky Mountains can simply mesmerize the first time visitor. You will find some of the great train rides, skiing and road trips.
The Cabot Rail
The circuitous road offers the breathtaking views of the waters of the coastline. People enjoying this road trip should never miss visiting the National Park.
Ellesmere Island

This island is located 702km away from the North Nole. This world popular island is known for its valleys, glaciers and ice-capped mountains. This place is also ideal for skiing, backpacking and climbing.
Gros Morne National Park
This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that displays splendidly colorful tablelands, which make you feel like that you have landed in a new planet. The enchanting fjords and Appalachian Mountain Range make this park more stunning.
Polar Bears
Those who want to view the polar bears can visit the Churchill, which is the home to the largest number of polar bear population.
Algonquin National Park
This park is the paradise for any nature lovers. This park has wildlife, hiking trails, and lakes. The park’s vibrant colors have been the inspiration for the renowned Canadian Painting group.
Nahanni National Park
This park is known for its stunning natural views. There are about dozen numbers of trails, which offers thrilling and relaxing views of nature.
Before planning your Canada trip, make sure to find the places that you want to visit. You can surf the Internet to find the list of places, which you find interesting. There is plenty of planning required to make your Canadian tour more pleasant and meaningful.

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