Future of Technology Trends in Canada

Future of Technology Trends in Canada

Stay On Top Of Technology, Stay On Top Of Business

There was a time when only the biggest companies in Canada could afford to invest in technology to beat the odds. Today, every business, be it big, medium, or small, is investing in it. The reason being when you stay updated with technology, you stay on top of business – a step ahead of the competition.

It is technology that has enabled entrepreneurs to connect with their patrons better. Sales have exploded due to online shopping and social media networks; customer experience has enhanced due to better connectivity. There is no aspect of business that is left untouched, for the better, from technology. From keeping confidential and trade secrets secure to controlling the temperature of a store, everything is possible through tech.

In here, we dive down to find the latest trends in technology for Canadian businesses. Any company who wants to stay one step ahead of the curve needs to keep an eye on all of them, not the least of which are Cobots.

Mobility And Voice Searches Are Essential

Image showing man and woman speaking into red voice assistant speaker overlaid with microphone and soundwave graphics.

  • 90% of the use of a smartphone is apps. Users spend significant time on the applications downloaded on cell phones. 1/3rd of this time is put to use on social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Consumers scroll down, swipe up and double tap on these social to stay connected with people and global news. From finding interesting content to searching for brands or products, the platforms are utilised for everything. Here – check out about the future of voice search technology in business.

It signifies that businesses need to leverage mobile app:

  1. Generate quality online content to lure more customers.
  2. Use data insights from apps to understand your customer and reach them better.
  3. Stay connected with patron 24X7
  • By 2020, half of all searches on Google will be voice, i.e., instead of typing users prefer to speak their queries. Since the spoken word is very different from the written word, businesses need to optimize their content for it. For instance, when you ask Alexa, Cortana, Siri, or Google, the words used are: “Hey Siri, where can I get coffee at this time?” The question put forward is precisely what you would ask another person.

To ensure that voice searches lead to your business website, blog, or apps, the content has to answer these spoken questions. Visualise what your customer is likely to ask verbally and then create content fit for it. The time is not far when all internet searches will be verbal. So, strike right now and put your business on the maps of Siri, Google, Cortana, and Alexa.

Cobots Are Imperative For Businesses

Image Showing Collaborative Robots in Manufacturing Industry.

The most significant trend for businesses in Canada currently is collaborative robots. Cobots are industrial robots that allow man and machine to work in the same space safely without the requirement of cages or safety zones. They perform repetitive, dangerous, and heavy payload tasks and free human workers to focus on more intelligent chores.

Right not the cobot market is small, just about $300 million, but by the time 2025 rolls in the global revenue will touch 1.23 billion USD. The growth rate of cobots from 2016 to 2025 is predicted to be 49.8%. In comparison, commercial and industrial robots lag at 23.2% and 12.1%. The digits prove that cobots are the future for every business.

The market is slowly evolving from one of information seeking to one of adaption. People are not asking what cobots are anymore; they are asking how collaborative robots can aid their business. Business owners are already aware that cobots increase the speed of production and the quality of goods and services. They now want to know in what areas these safe robots can be implemented.

Voice search and mobile apps are the trends that help businesses connect to the target audience. Cobots work at the other spectrum of technological trends- business operations. Together the three offer a holistic way for companies to expand.

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