Popular Tourist Places In Canada
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Popular Tourist Places In Canada

Canada, being the second largest country in the globe, is home to various scenic landscape and many exclusive places that are the visual treat to the tourists. This country has the fantastic coastline, splendid natural sceneries, and cities that rich in culture and heritage. In this article, we will look into some of the famous tourist places in Canada. The west of Canada has rocky mountains, and famous cities such as Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary. The central region of Canada has Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa, Montreal and Niagara Falls. On the east, there is Gros Morne National Park, and cities of St. John’s and Halifax.
North of Canada is famous for Yellowknife and Whitehorse cities, and Nahanni National Park. Let us discuss the famous spots of Canada in a detailed manner.
Niagara Falls
There is no wonder why Niagara falls always top the list of Canada’s natural attraction. Visited by millions of people every year, Niagara Falls is located along the American border. It just takes an hour to reach this place from Toronto through driving. Visitors can witness the tremendous view of the falls right from the edge of the top. Both the Niagara Gorge ad Niagara Falls has been garnering the adventure enthusiasts for decades. During mid of 19th and 20th century, many people attempted to dive into the falls using their homemade barrels and boats.
Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains
Banff National Park that is situated amidst the Rocky Mountains in the Alberta Province displays the scenic beauty of Canada. Snow-capped mountains, Turquoise green lakes and glaciers can be seen in this splendid park. Lake Louise is the main highlight of this park. This lake is known for reflecting green water that is surrounded by mountains. South of the park is the home to the little beautiful town called Banff, which offers various kinds of shopping, accommodation and dining options. During the time of winter, Banff turns in to a prime area for winter sports.
Toronto’s CN Tower
This iconic tower of Canada is located on the shores of Ontario Lake. CN tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world that measures 553 meters in length. This building offers an amazing fine dining experience, where the guests can have the view of the city. During the night, this building is decorated with light, which offers a splendid view.
Old Quebec
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Quebec hosts some of the famous buildings with historic significance. This place has a famous museum and also offers amazing dining experiences.
This is one of the famous spots for winter sports in Canada. It is now developed into a famous summer destination that offers sports activities like mountain biking and golf. This village became very popular after it hosted the popular 2010 winter Olympic. Visitors can have access to hotels, skiing, dining and other sorts of outdoor recreational activities.
Ottawa’s Parliament Hill
Constructed in Neo-Gothic style, the Parliament Hill in Ottawa is one of the truly majestic structures in Canada. The striking aspect of the structure is the Peace Tower that separates the Senate and House of Commons on another side.

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